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Kraft Power maintains an extensive inventory of all the engine control products from interim maintenance items, to all the components to install a complete control system.

Governor Repair & Overhaul

Authorized repair and overhaul facilities for Heinzmann governors, actuators and positioners. Our personnel are factory trained and certified using the latest methods and equipment in insure proper repair, overhaul, calibration and operation.

Certified Technical Staff

The Kraft Power technical staff - factory trained and certified including successful completion and proven proficiency in Ignition, Air/Fuel , Governors and Environmental Compliance . The Kraft Power technical staff can identify, repair and return your engine to service in a sound, expeditious manner.

Field Service / Installation

On-site field services are available at Kraft Power. We have eight base locations to serve all of your on-site needs. Our technicians are equipped with modern analytical and specialty equipment - including portable emissions analyzers to insure the engine is functioning properly and in compliance. Emergency 24 /7 field service is available.

Committed to Safety –Dedicated to Quality

In addition to the most current OEM factory training on products we represent, Kraft Power's Service Technicians participate in an extensive Safety and Compliance Training Program, which utilizes customized curriculums based on the nationally recognized and award winning courses and technology of ClickSafety®. Kraft Power's Safety and Compliance practices are also reviewed and approved by numerous customers through the ISNetWorld® system. When employees are focused on doing their jobs safely, they pay attention to the details, and their work is even better for having done so. Let us demonstrate how this commitment, to safety, to quality and to customers, can make a difference for your company.

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