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StG EC 15/30-P

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  • Short adjustment times, high control quality
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Actuating angle up to 90°


At the heart of the StG EC 15/30-P actuator with integrated positioner is a brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor developed by HEINZMANN. Its magnet system generates very powerful torques in both directions of rotation, with an adjustment angle of up to 90°.

The actuator is available with a choice of 15 Nm or 30 Nm maximum torque. The low mass moment of inertia means that very short actuating times are achieved. A high precision sensor delivers a precise signal for the angular position of the actuator shaft. This enables the control quality to be maximised.

As an option, the actuator is available with a return spring. This returns it to the zero position if the power supply fails. The control electronics are available with liquid cooling as an option. The StG 15/30-P is available in two versions with different temperature stability. The control electronics can also be installed outside the device for applications involving extreme ambient temperatures.

Depending on the configuration, the position setpoint can be an analogue current or voltage signal or a PWM signal. Communication with the actuator can optionally be via CAN or RS-232.




Actuating angle 75°,
optionally up to 90°
without return spring
Maximum torque 15 Nm or 30 Nm
Torque in steady state max. 8 Nm or 15 Nm
Actuating time without load 80 ms (75°)
Actuating shaft Serration 5/8"-36
Weight approx. 12.5 kg
Supply voltage 18 ... 32 VDC,
nom. 24 VDC

Current consumption in hold condition

approx. 3.5 A
Degree of protection IP6K9K
Ambient temperature • -40 ... +85 °C
• -40 ... +120 °C
• -40 ... +150 °C
(with external electronics)
Storage temperature -40 ... +90 °C
Permitted humidity < 95 % at 55 °C
Position setpoint 4 ... 20 mA (max. 240 Ω),
0 ... 5 V, 10 V,
Stop input Binary input
Communication CAN protocol: CANopen/J1939
Other protocols on request,