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StG 64/90

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  • Strong regulation torque working in both directions
  • Quick response time
  • Contactless feedback


Medium sized and large diesel engines as well as gas engines or -turbines are the preferential application for this type of powerfull actuators. A DC disc motor which already generates strong torque in both directions of rotation is their core. The torque additionally is multiplied by a reduction gearbox.

Due to the low moment of inertia of the motors disc nevertheless quick response times can be gained. In case of voltage loss a return spring ensures setting back to zero position. Optionally the actuator is available without return spring. A contactless feedback system is integrated onto the governors output shaft offering an electrical position signal to any external control unit.

A current limitation which is activated 20 seconds after the actuators might be blocked mechanically prevents them from damage by overheating. The use of special materials and long-time lubricants assures maintenance-free operation and long working life of the actuators.

All considered these actuators provide high regulation power even with only low current consumption and are quite indifferent to slow voltage changes of the supply.




Rotation angle max. 42°
Torque StG 64: max. 64 Nm
StG 90: max. 90 Nm
Steady state torque StG 64: approx. 21 Nm
StG 90: approx. 30 Nm
Return spring 0%: 3,5 Nm
100%: 5,0 Nm
No load response
StG 64: approx. 270 ms
StG 90: approx. 320 ms
Current consumption max. 7 A
Steady state current approx. 2.3 A
Position feedback 0 ... 100% approx. 1.6 ... 2.8 V DC
Ambient temperature
-25 ... 90°C
Storage temperature
-55 ... 110°C
Permissible ambient humidity
< 95%
Protection grade IP 65
Weight approx. 32kg