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StG 2040/80-P

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  • Maintenance-free due to long duration lubricants
  • Very low current consumption in steady state
  • High reliability


The new designed HEINZMANN StG 2040-P and StG 2080-P actuators with integrated digital positioner can be
used for a wide range of applications.

This positioning system consists of an actuator StG 2040 or StG 2080 and a digital electronic position control. This results in excellent dynamic characteristics and precise positioning in both working directions that makes this system best for gas engine applications, for example.

HEINZMANN's digital control systems are acknow ledged for their high fl exibility, which meets all customer needs and requirements. They are known for their
long-life cycle and proven reliability.

You can parametrise the StG 2040-P and StG 2080-P with HEINZMANN's powerful software package DcDesk 2000 as well as with a programmer. The design provides a compact solution that is inter changeable with other proprietary units.

The extensive HEINZMANN worldwide network of more than 30 branches, representatives and authorised dealers ensures fast responsive and professional service wherever our customers are.




Ambient temperature
-20 ...+80°C
Effective rotation at output shaft
Max. torque StG 2040: 4 Nm
StG 2080: 8 Nm
Max. torque in steady state condition StG 2040: 1.2 Nm
StG 2080: 2.4 Nm
Response time
< 100 ms
Protection grade IP 55
Vibration +/- 1 mm at 1 ... 20 Hz,
max. 0.24 m/s at 21 ... 63 Hz
max. 9 g at 64 ... 2000 Hz
30 g, 11 ms half sine wave
Humidity Premissable humidity up to 95 % at 55 °C
CE, further compliances on request
Weight StG 2040: approx. 6.5 kg
StG 2080: approx. 8.6 kg