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StG 2040/2080

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  • Strong regulation torque working in both directions equally
  • Extremely low retaining current


Medium sized and large diesel engines as well as gas engines or -turbines are the preferential application for this type of powerfull actuators.

A multi-polar magnetised permanent magnet is mounted on the actuator shaft. Opposite of it a likewise multipolar armature is fixed. The design allows to generate powerful torque in both directions of working equally. A result of the direct acting gearless function are very fast response times. Optionally a return spring can be mounted on the output shaft to ensure setting to a zero position in case of voltage loss or similar.

A contactless feedback system mounted on the actuator shaft offers a precise electrical signal of shaft position to any external control device. If the actuator is blocked mechanically a current limitation is activated after approx. 20 seconds to prevent the actuator from overheating or damage. The use of special materials and long-duration lubricants assure maintenance-free operation and long service life. Altogether, this type of actuator provides high regulation power working in both directions at only low current consumption. It is indifferent to slow voltage changes of the supply and allows any fitting position. Several different electrical connecting variants are available.




StG 2040 StG 2080
Rotation Angle: 36° 68° 36° 68°
Torque: max. 7 Nm max. 6 Nm max. 12,5 Nm max. 7 Nm
Steady state torque: max. 4 Nm max. 3.5 Nm max. 7.30 Nm max. 4 Nm
Return torque, 100% position: ~1.4 Nm ~1.4 Nm ~1.3 Nm ~1.6 Nm
Return torque, 0% position: ~1.2 Nm ~1.0 Nm ~1 Nm ~1 Nm
No load response time: < 50 ms < 100 ms < 60 ms < 100 ms
Current consumption: max. 6 A
Steady state current: max. 3.5 A
Position feedback (0 … 100%): approx. 1.6… 90°C
Ambient temperature: -20 … 90°C
Storage temperature: -55 ... 110°C
Permissable ambient humidity: < 95% at 55°C
Vibration: ± 1 mm at 1 ... 20 Hz,
max. 0.24 m/s at 21 ...63 Hz,
max. 9 g at 64 ... 2000 Hz
Shock: 30 g, 11 ms, half sine
Protection grade: Housing IP 65
Plug IP 65
Terminal IP 00
Weight: approx. 6.6 kg approx. 8.6 kg