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Spark Plug Seat and Thread Cleaning Tool

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  • Simple and Effective for Cleaning
  • High Quality One-Piece Construction
  • Available for 14 mm, 18 mm and 7/8 - 18 port sizes


Almost 90 % of the heat from the spark plug is released through the seat and thread area. When contamination builds up on the seat and threads it can drastically effect spark plug performance. The Spark plug seat and thread condition- ing tool restores the seat area - at the same time removes a major amount of contaminants on the spark plug port threads. This rugged but simple design allows for two important maintenance functions to be performed in a one- stepoperation. Amustforeverytechnician.Recommendeduseateveryserviceinterval.




Selection Guide

Spark Plug Thread Port Size Part Number Note:
14 mm KIG - T14L Long reach model
18 mm KIG-T18L Long reach model
7/8-18 KIG - T875L Long reach model