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Spark Plug Gap Setting Tools

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  • Adjust spark plug gap without damaging the electrodes
  • Made of High Quality materials
  • Available individually or in a Custom Kit*


Critical to engine performance is the spark plug being properly gapped for specific engine operating conditions . In many cases trying to properly adjust the gap results in damage to the electrodes. Kraft Power has the proper tool and selection of gauges to safely set the gap on the spark plug. Using high quality materials in the manufacturing process, and stringent quality control inspection of every tool and gauge, this insures you will have the best gap set- ting tools on the market today. There are several gauge sizes for proper selection of the gauge needed for your en- gine. These are available individually or in a complete kit.




Selection Guide

Part Number
KIG-RBE-GG-10SPL Gapping Gauge 0.10"
KIG-RBE-GG-12 Gapping Gauge .012
KIG-RBE-GG-15 Gapping Gauge .015
KIG-RBE-GG-20 Gapping Gauge .020
KIG-RBE-18N-GT Gap Setting Tool for 18 mm Thread
KIG-RBE-78N-GT Gap Setting Tool for 7/8" thread
KIG-RBE-N-ST Spreading Tool, Spark Plug
KIG-GT18-20 KIT Gapping Kit

* Custom kits are assembled based on specific customer requirements