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Shielded Inductive Coil

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  • CSA Approved Call 1, Div. 2 Groups C, D
  • For use with Gill CSA approved System
  • > 100 mJ energy output


The inductive coil selection is commonly used with the Gill inductive ignition system. Available in three variations, the internal coil winding is identical. This design allows for continuous spark duration up to 3,000 microseconds - about 5 times longer than the typical CD (capacitor discharge) systems on the market today. To insure a good ground the 3rd pin in the three pin connector is populated with a ground to insure proper operation and years of trouble-free performance. The "footprint" for installation are identical to the CD version models. All versions are compatible with the following Gill ignition models:

GT8, GT12, GS8 and GS12.




Selection Guide

Part Number
Description Version
KIG020 Coil, Inductive , 3 terminal 1
KIG022 COIL Flange Mount 2
KIG023 COIL, Shielded CSA Approved Class 1 Div 2 Group C,D 3

NOTE: Inductive coils are not interchangeable with CD (Capacitor Discharge) coils.