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SM 60 T coil by Gill

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  • For use with all Gill Modules
  • Primary - stud sixe accepts #10 ring Terminal
  • Secondary connection SAE Male Tower


Available in three variations for ease of application on a wide range and variety of engines - including forklifts and even motorcycles (FM 40 T). This design allows for continuous spark duration up to 1,500 microseconds- about 3 times longer than the typical CD (capacitor discharge) systems on the market today. The SM 60 series and the FM 40 series are designed with an SAE MALE secondary connection (same standard as a spark plug connection) . Secondary leads for these coils are available at Kraft Power.




Selection Guide

Part Number
Description Version
1395-10-022 SM 60 A version - requires connector kit for primary 1395-PK-023 1
1395-10-002 SM 60 T version - a # 10 ring terminal fits the coil stud 2
1317-10-010 FM 40 requires 1/4" female spade terminal connection 3

NOTE: Inductive coils are not interchangeable with CD (Capacitor Discharge) coils.