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RE DG 2800

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  • Replaces Woodward UG 25 +
  • Identical Mounting footprint
  • Uses same Cable Connection


The DG 2800.14 governor is a microprocessor controlled hydraulic governor for diesel or dual fuel engines and steam turbines.

It consists of the well proven REGulATEuRS EuRopA 2800 series actuator and the HEInzmAnn digital DC 14 governor.

The digital governor controls the proportional solenoid of the actuator by means of a current signal.

DG 2800.14 includes an integrated speed pick-up, however if required an external pick-up can be connected.

The DC 14 digital governor provides state-of-the-art speed control (steady state speed wander < 0.1 % at nominal speed), start fuel limit and functionality typical for generator application, including isochronous load sharing (optional).

The software allows to set the gear ratio between crankshaft and governor drive. In this way all speed related settings in the software refer to "engine rpm".

The DC 14 digital governor is set-up with the user-friendly interface program DcDesk. Also 20 selectable parameters can be edited using the unit's key pad and display (password protected).