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Industrial Spark Plugs

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  • Over 115 Years Mfg. Spark Plugs
  • Continuous-Wave Laser Welding
  • Nickel Plated housing and thread


Following the first Bosch spark plug launched in 1902, several other patents have also been filed. These include, for instance, the continuous-wave (CW) laser-welding method which significantly increases the durability of the welded connection on the center electrode. Innovative alloys such as nickel, yttrium and precious-metal that help ensure a long service life. Production procedures such as the heat-shrink assembly, nickel-coated spark-plug housings and threads ensure a high reliability and longer service life. Gas-powered Co-Gen power plants and stationary power generators provide economically generated heat and electricity right at the place where they are needed the most. This can, for instance, be at schools, swimming pools, hotels, hospitals or production facilities. Featuring high quality, Bosch industrial spark plugs to ensure reliable operation of gas engines.