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Inductive 2-Pin Pickup

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  • Available in wide variety of lengths and styles
  • Both standard and High output versions
  • SAE and Metric Threads


The pickups offered by Kraft Power have been rigorously field tested and proven to insure a long life cycle. We have several manufacturers and have selected the highest quality, most reliable pickups for the demanding gas engine industry. The stainless Steel housings are available in both SAE and Metric threads. Along with the 2 Pin inductive pickup are the pickup cables - please refer to the Kraft Power 2-Pin Pickup Cable section for a wide selection of cables and select the one best suited for your application. We can also make a custom cable for your specific application.




Selection Guide

SAE Thread

KIG016 5/8 - 18 Thread x 3" Length
KIG-M183 5/8-18 x 2.5" Thread X 3.625"
KIG017 4" ( same as ALT 691 118-4)
KIG-M133 5/8-18 x 4.0" thread x 5.125"
KIG015 Mag. Pick up (6") 2 pin


KIG014 M12 X 1.75 length 106mm (4.17")