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Ignition Timing Disc by Heinzmann

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  • Made From High Grade Steel
  • Precision Machined for timing Accuracy
  • X+ 1 Format for use with single pickup (inductive)


The Heinzmann timing disc allows for easy conversion of an engine not equipped with a camshaft mounted timing disc. Constructed of high quality steel, this disc will provide the most accurate signal withaverycleansharpedgeforinductivepickupsignal. Properlyspacedwitharesetitcanbeused with a number of ignition systems. The X+1 format has become a very popular technology with the ad- vancement of ignition technology by most manufacturers allowing for a single pickup input that is ex- tremely accurate for ignition timing control.




Specification Formula
Disc designs are available using the formula X +1 :
X = the number of cylinders
1 = Reset ( typically between last cylinder and first cylinder. Example -
12 cylinder engine the reset would occur between the # 12 cylinder and # 1 cyl- inder. Most are 15 or 20 degrees after the last cylinder for the reset location.