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Ignition Timing Disc by Gill

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  • Universal - Retrofit to Any Engine
  • Precision Machined for Timing Accuracy
  • 24-1 Format for use with single inductive pickup


The Gill timing disc can be used on any engine for the ignition timing pattern. If uses the 24 –1 to cre- ate a specific pattern that any of the Gill ignition modules can be programmed o use. The "missing tooth" which makes it a 23 peg disc allows for precise engine timing angles, in relationship to the en- gine crankshaft or camshaft degrees. - depending on where it is mounted. A standard inductive or 2 pin pickup can be used with the timing disc . The center mounting hole is 10 mm but can be enlarged for proper installation. Tooth spacing is 15 degrees with the missing tooth spacing at 30 degrees. The plating on the disc will allow for years of reliable service even in the most harsh environments .




ThisisthesametimingdiscusedintheA3andA5timingconversionkits. Forfurtherinformationon the A3 and A5 timing conversion kits please refer to the datasheets in this section.

Daewoo Gas Engine: This is the same disc used externally on the Daewoo 11 L and 22 L engines along with the disc was the Gill standard pickup part # 1265-00-012.