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Ignition Rail

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  • Designed for most Gas Engine Makes and Models
  • Available with various features
  • Available in Unshielded and Shielded versions


Ignition rails are available for a multitude of engines with a variety of options. Aside from ignition, the rail can be fabricated for routing detonation timing cables out to the knock sensors, or the addition of thermocouple wiring just another way the rail can be configured. All the wiring is routed internally protecting it for a long service life. Kraft Power does maintain stock on several ignition rails, however, we can design one to fit your specific engine and needs. Rails are available for both Capacitor Discharge (CD) or Inductive ignition systems. If you do not find your engine listed please call for price, desired options and availability.




Selection Guide

Part Number
KIG-RI1040108 Ignition Rail, 4 Cy, Unshielded For VGF ... Left or Right
KIG-RI2040108 Ignition Rail, 4 Cyl, Shielded
KIG-IRI1060106 CAT 3300 Inductive Rail , Non Shielded , 36" Long 6" Spacing
KIG-RI0214 Ignition Rail, Inductive Unshielded 6 Cyl 13"
KIG-RI1060108 Ignition Rail, 6 Cyl, Unshielded For VGF 6 Cyl....8" Spacing
KIG-RI2060108 Ignition Rail, 6 Cyl, Shielded
KIG-RI1060155 Ignition Rail , For CAT3306 , MOQ-4 pcs Unshielded
KIG-RI1080108 Ignition Rail , 8 Cyl, Unshielded
KIG-RI1060113 Ignition Rail , 6 Cyl, Unshielded 13" For VHP 6 Cyl or 12 Cyl (Qty 2) Capacitive
KIGRI7044-01 VHP 7044 Ignition Rail
KIG1229-9442 DTZ A-1498996 SIDE RAIL "A" Bank
KIG1229-9443 DTZ B-1498997 SIDE RAIL "B" bank
KIG-IRI1040106 Inductive Rail, Non Shielded, 26" Long