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Heinzmann E-LES 50 SMC

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  • Designed for integration into an existing AFR control
  • Suitable for different gas types and qualities
  • Engine Range 160 - 650 HP


HEINZMANNs electronic gas valves E-LES are advantageously applied to gas engines.

They are situated in the gas line after the zero pressure regulator and are connected to the inlet of the gas mixer. The HEINZMANN E-LES-series allows to adjust and trim the required gas amount very precisely at any operating state.

The reliable, high-resolution stepper motor drives a mandrel with an external thread. With the rotation of the mandrel, a PTFE-coated aluminium piston with a corresponding internal thread moves linearly inside a coated bushing. This bushing shows three exponentially shaped intake openings. Their optimised design allows a linear change of gas ow according to the stepper motors position. To prevent clearance between mandrel and piston thread a special threading is used.

The digital control is CAN-compatible with all common protocols and is therefore perfectly suitable for integration into an existing AFR control unit.

The position setpoint is assigned by CAN or by an analogue input, which can be con gured for numerous input signal speci cations.




Power supply
nom. 24 VDC ±30 %
Current consumption max. 1.5 A
Residual ripple max. 10 % at 100 Hz
Admissible voltage drop max. 10 % at max. power consumption
Fuse (required externally) 6 A
Frequency stepper motor 500 Hz
Ambient temperature -20 ... +75 °C
Storage temperature -40 ... +85 °C
Admissible humidity up to 98 % at 55 °C
Admissible pressure of fuel supply max. 0.1 bar (g)
Admissible concentration of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in fuel max. 0.1 %
Vibration max. 2 m/s at 10 ... 20 Hz
max. 0.24 m/s at
21 ... 63 Hz
max. 9 g at 64 ... 2000 Hz
Shock 50g, 11 ms, half sine
Protection grade IP23
Connector Tyco 14 pole


Valve resolution 2000 steps / 10 revolutions
Response time
0 ... 100 %
4.0 s
Weight approx. 5 kg