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Gas Mixing Valves

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  • For use with the 30M controller
  • 5 sizes of valves to fit almost any gas engine size
  • Creates a homogeneous Air/Fuel mixture


The gas mixer is an indispensable component of the fuel system.  Whilst the throttle valve controls the quantity of the mixture, the mixing unit takes care for quality of the mixture.

HEINZMANN mixers provide a very homogeneous air and gas mixture and an optimal Air to Fuel Ratio (AFR) over the entire speed and load range of the engine. HEINZMANN also can supply the remaining components of the fuel system such as main adjusting screw, zero pressure regulator, throttle valve, speed and load control, AFR controls for stoichiometric as well as for lean burn, adaptors, levers etc..




Operating temperature
-20 to +150°C
Max. boost pressure
4 bar abs.