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GT6 Ignition Module

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  • Up to 1,500 microseconds of continuous spark duration
  • Single Inductive Pickup
  • Easy to use Windows® based software


This economical ignition module is designed for engines from 1 to 6 cylinders - up to 800 in3 (13 L) total displacement which will benefit from the latest in inductive ignition technology. Inductive technology allows for adjustable continuous spark duration - up to 1,500 microseconds on rich-burn, lean-burn, naturally aspirated or turbocharged versions. Fuel types such as natural gas, propane, LPG, landfill, digester and other biogas fuels are also compatible.

Program adjustments to optimize engine performance are easy with the Windows® based software.

The GT 6 uses a single inductive pickup for timing input, which can be the Gill timing disc and standard pickup, existing OEM cam disc, A5 conversion kit or a drilled flywheel pattern for wasted spark firing.

Only use with the SM 60 series coils.

The GT 6 can also be programmed as a direct replacement for the GS6B, GS6LB and GS6. 






Number of Cylinders: 1-6
Power: 12 / 24 VDC. 5 Amp
Spark Energy / Duration: 500 to 1,500 µSeconds
Timing: Global, Dual Fuel
Timing Maps: 2D - speed and timing, 2 maps
Trigger Methods: Single Inductive Pickup
Visual Features: On-board LED status light
Application: Engines less than 800 inches cubed (13 L)
Software: Windows® based Gillfire
Environmental: Sealed to IP 67 Standards