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DK 50-400

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  • Suitable for naturally aspirated and turbo charged engines
  • Low torque plain bearings are designed for a long durability
  • Shaft and throttle plate made of stainless steel material


As a component of the HEINZMANN KRONOS 10 system the butterfly throttle valves controls the quantity of the gas and air mixture. Furthermore in special applications the throttle valve can be used as a gas valve to control the mixture quality.

The size range from 50 to 400 and the sealed design covers a wide output power and operation pressure range.
Precise manufactured the valve allows an optimal engine control and a exceptional lifetime.

Rotation angle of the throttle valve is 75 °. Sense of rotation is optional CW or CCW.




Operating temperature: -20 to +150 °C
Max boost pressure: 4 bar abs.