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DG 3005/3010

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  • Compact system setup and size envelope
  • High reliability
  • Low and efficient maintenance


HEINZMANN designs and produces a comprehensive range of control systems for reciprocating engines, gas and steam turbines as well as generator management systems.

The economically advantageous ORION series is designed for small and medium-sized diesel and gas engines. The optimal price-performance ratio and high efficiency are the main benefits of the systems. Furthermore, all solutions have a highly intelligent and precise feedback system and are available with rotary actuators.

The economically advantageous ORION digital governors DG 3005.10 and DG 3010.10 with protection grade IP65 are tailored for direct engine mounting without panel and can be used for small combustion engines. This direct acting integrated actuator is working in 2Q-Operation with rotary output. It comes with a well-tried contactless position feedback and integrated return spring.

ORION DG 3005.10 and DG 3010.10 are designed for direct mounting and applicable in various fields of use (e.g. operating butterfly valves, pump rods, etc.).




Ambient Temperature

-30 ... +90 °C
Effective rotation at output shaft 50° (DG 3010.10)
53° (DG 3005.10)
Max. torque (for 20 sec.) 0.60 Nm (DG 3010.10)
0.30 Nm (DG 3005.10)
Max. torque in steady 0.36 Nm (DG 3010.10)
0.18 Nm (DG 3005.10)

Response time

200 ms
Protection grade IP65
Vibration +/- 1 mm at 1 ... 20 Hz,
max. 0.24 m/s at 21 ... 63 Hz
max. 9 g at 64... 2000 Hz
Shock 30 g, 11 ms half sine wave
Humidity Permissible humidity up to 95 % at 55 °C
Compliances CE, further compliances on request
Weight approx. 1.20 kg