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DC - 2

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  • Fits a wide range of engine horsepower sizes
  • HELENOS I-V Control Systems
  • Compatible actuators StG 06— StG 180


The DC - 2 which the appropriate actuator—specific based on the requirements. Designed for medium speed engines. The DC - 2 digital controller is designed for medium and big sized engines. The ex- tended I/O range fits with the additional CAN communication to all typical applica- tion
HELENOS I-V Control Systems Compatible actuators StG 06— StG 180

The DC 2-02 is HEINzMANN's second generation of digital HELENOS controls for medium-speed engines and turbines. This highly efficient speed governor is based on a 32-bit microprocessor. The DC 2-02 control unit offers up to six analogue inputs, four analogue outputs, four up to eight digital inputs and three up to seven digital outputs beside two input channels for inductive speed sensors. An optional CAN or CAN/Modbus module extension provides the interface for external communication. In combination with HEINzMANN's small and medium range actuators or the Bosch EDCTM pump the DC 2-02 control unit provides the ideal solution for small- and medium-speed engines and turbine applications. The advanced DC 2-02 hardware is fully compatible with its predecessor. All DC 2-01 software versions can be used without any change.




General specication
Supply voltage 24VDC
Operating voltage range 12 ... 32 VDC
Supply current 200 mA (plus actuator current)
Operating temperature range -40 ... 70 °C
Protection level IP 00 or IP 55
Connections IP 00: screw terminal
IP 55: plug ITT Cannon CA-COM
Vibration 0.7g / 2 ... 100 Hz
Humidity 95 % rel. humidity at 55 °C
Insulation > 1MΩ at 48VDC
Weight IP 00: 1.2 kg
IP 55: 3 kg
Compliances EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-6-4:2007