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CUMMINS Secondary Extenders

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  • 855 series Secondary Extender
  • 8.3 Secondary Extender
  • KTA Series available


Only high quality secondary wire, terminals, boots, adapters are used in the design, construction and assembly process. In many cases the spark plug lead has evolved given the new materials and designs being available, to offer a longer life cycle. Kraft Power can assemble direct replacement spark plug leads from a large selection of high quality components to insure you get a spark plug lead that will be equal to or better than the OEM lead. Given our engine experience we have a knowledge base of what will work, even in the most demanding of applications. We have a large inventory of spark plug leads for a variety of engine make and models. Should you want to upgrade your current spark plug lead for improved performance, we can help. We can also customize a lead for your engine!

Please see DETAILS below for a complete listing of all Secondary leads and Extenders Available.




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KIG-TCF-0144-22 Lead, Secondary Ignition, Cummins 8.3
KIG-TDL-0203 Lead, Secondary Ignition, Cummins 855
KIG-TAW-0170 Lead, Cummins 3.9 w/o-ring
KIG-TCW-0170 Lead, Secondary Ignition Cummins 3.9/5.9 Sparkplug
KIG-TCV-0169 Lead, Secondary Ignition Cummins 8.3 Sparkplug w/ O-Ring