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Altronic CPU-95 Ignition System

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  • Microprocessor Based
  • Adjustable Energy Level
  • 1 to 16 Cylinders


Patented CPU-95 diagnostics and prognostics (predictive diagnostics) supervise all ignition system related functions. The secondary analysis capabilities detect shorted spark plugs and leads, as well as spark plugs that exhibit high voltage demend or are not firing at all. A display of the relative voltage demand of each spark plug is provided, allowing spark plug changes to be predicted and scheduled. Module and pickup operation, timing input and primary output functions are also monitored for operation within preset limits.




CPU Ignition Module - 1 per system

791950-8 Ignition Module, 8 outputs, standard  
791950-16 Ignition Module, 16 outputs, standard
791950-18 Ignition Module, 18 outputs, standard
791952-18 Ignition Module, 18 outputs, dual capacitor