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3 Pin Hall Effect Pickup

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  • Available in 5/8 - 18 Thread
  • Replaces OEM Hall Effect Pickups
  • Stainless Steel Housing with Sealed End


The threaded Hall Effect pickups offered by Kraft Power have been extensively field tested and proven to insure a long life cycle. We have tested several manufacturers and have selected the highest quality, most reliable pickups for all gas engine applications. The stainless Steel housings threaded to the common size of SAE 5/8-18 and are completely sealed on the end-referred to as a "blind" end. This prevents oil or any other fluid from penetrating the internal portion of the pickup which can lead to premature failure.

The Hall Effect or 3-Pin pickups mate with the industry standard MS connectors and cables. Please see the Cable Section for a wide variety of 3-Pin Pickup cables offered by Kraft Power.




Selection Guide

Part Number
KIG-M806 4.5" Hall Effect Pickup (Replacement for Waukesha 295844)
KIG-M951 Hall Effect - Digital Pickup