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2 Pin Pickup Cables

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  • Magnetic Pick Up Cable
  • Made in the USA by Kraft Power
  • Custom Lengths available.


2 Conductor high quality shielded cable and MS connector for mating to the magnetic pickup. Available with either a straight or 90 degree connector. Standard lengths—20', and 40'.




Selection Guide

Straight Connector

KIG-2PMPU-5 Mag Pick Up Harness 5 Ft. Long
KIG-2PMPU-20 2 Pin 20' MPU Harness 20 Ft. Long
KIG-2PMPU-25 2 Pin Straight MPU Harness 25 Ft. Long
KIG-2PMPU-40 2 Wire Mag Pick Up Harness 40 Ft. Long

90º Connector

KIG-2P90D-20 2 Pin 90º Pick Up Harness 20 Ft. Long
KIG-2P90D-25 2 Pin 90º Pick Up Harness 25 Ft. Long
KIG-2P90D-40 2 Pin 90º Pick Up Harness 25 Ft. Long