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  • Up to 24 Cylinders in master - slave operation
  • For use on a variety of fuels
  • Adjustable spark energy level


24 cylinders in master/slave operation. THE 1C 24 is a  high energy ignition system applicable for all fuels, including  biogas and other low BTU fuel sources. The ignition energy is then automatically adjusted for each cylinder given the current operating conditions to minimize spark plug wear.


Number of cylinders Up to 8 (IC-08 or IC-08A or IC-08B)*
Up to 12 (IC-12 or IC-12A or IC-12B)*
Up to 16 (IC-16 or IC-16A or IC-16B)*
Power supply 24 V (12 - 32 V) DC
Ambient temperature -40 - +95 °C
Engine Speed 30 - 3000 rpm
Spark duration 300 - 600 μs
Energy level 25 - 280 mJ (32 levels)
Pickups 2 (Hall or inductive)
Analogue input 1 (0 - 5 V/4 - 20 mA)
Digital input/output 2 (low/high side)
Communication/ protocol Can2.0B
SAE J1939, CANopen, DeviceNet, ModBus
Configuration tool Certificates HEINZMANN DcDesk 2000, Hand programmer CE, CSA, marine certificates, LR and GL pending

* A: optional with additional CAN interface,

B: optional with additional ModBus interface