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  • From 1 to 16 Cylinders
  • Expanded Diagnostic Functions
  • Analog and Digital Inputs


Long spark plug service life and reduced service outlay guaran- tees maximum reliability with the lowest possible costs. This is also ensured via the on-board diagnostic system, which con- tinuously monitors the condition of the entire ignition system. A misfiring detection system and automatic detection of the trig- ger disc are standard features.


Number of cylinders Up to 8 (IC-08 or IC-08A or IC-08B)*
Up to 12 (IC-12 or IC-12A or IC-12B)*
Up to 16 (IC-16 or IC-16A or IC-16B)*
Power supply 24 V (12 - 32 V) DC
Ambient temperature -40 - +95 °C
Engine Speed 30 - 3000 rpm
Spark duration 300 - 600 μs
Energy level 25 - 280 mJ (32 levels)
Pickups 2 (Hall or inductive)
Analogue input 1 (0 - 5 V/4 - 20 mA)
Digital input/output 2 (low/high side)
Communication/ protocol Can2.0B
SAE J1939, CANopen, DeviceNet, ModBus
Configuration tool Certificates HEINZMANN DcDesk 2000, Hand programmer CE, CSA, marine certificates, LR and GL pending

* A: optional with additional CAN interface,

B: optional with additional ModBus interface