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Extended Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets

  • Simplify the removal process
  • Available in a variety of hex sizes
  • Magnetic Socket

Spark Plug Gap Setting Tools

  • Adjust spark plug gap without damaging the electrodes
  • Made of High Quality materials
  • Available individually or in a Custom Kit*

Spark Plug Seat and Thread Cleaning Tool

  • Simple and Effective for Cleaning
  • High Quality One-Piece Construction
  • Available for 14 mm, 18 mm and 7/8 - 18 port sizes

Beru Spark Plugs

  • Designed for Harsh Environments
  • Nickel, Iridium or Platinum electrodes
  • Works with a wide variety of fuels

Champion Spark Plugs

  • Compatible with wide variety of fuels
  • Durability under high compression
  • High Efficiency

Denso Spark Plugs

  • Patented Iridium Alloy
  • 0.7 mm Center Electrode versions
  • 360 degree Laser Welding

Gateway Spark Plugs

  • Premium electrode materials
  • Models for all Gas Engine Applications
  • Iridium / Platinum alloy combinations

Industrial Spark Plugs

  • Over 115 Years Mfg. Spark Plugs
  • Continuous-Wave Laser Welding
  • Nickel Plated housing and thread