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From portable air compressors and small generator sets to large power generation plants and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) facilities, irrigation systems, water and wastewater municipalities to oil well pumping , gas gathering gas pipeline transmission and storage locations. The Gas Engine Controls (GEC) division of Kraft Power has resolved operational, performance and/or compliance issues with each of these applications— via our aftermarket controls solutions. We can offer controls and options not available from OEM systems or upgrades - at a lower cost, more features and in some instances - significant fuel savings as well.

From an ignition upgrade on a portable air compressor that needed to start loaded in extreme climates to a reliable governor package on a generator set that would overspeed and shut down every time it was removed from the grid. This was resolved by installing a digital governing system that could respond immediately to the changes - eliminating the unwanted shut downs along with better load response. Engines that struggled to maintain emissions compliance greatly benefited from the GEC aftermarket control strategy.

This included ignition and air/fuel ratio control that eliminated the constant misfires occurring under light load conditions to drifting air/fuel settings throughout the load range This included rich-burn and lean-burn engines. The benefits included maintaining compliance under all operating conditions, prolonged catalyst life cycle (rich-burn) , easy start and loading without several shutdowns and a significant fuel savings. Along with the main control products are the ancillary items, such as spark plug extenders, pickup cables, harnesses and specialty tools.

We have improved on these and several other items as well to insure that the complete system has the latest technology to perform properly and offer trouble-free service. The Gas Engine Controls division of Kraft Power - for all your aftermarket control and performance-enhancing solutions, for all makes and models of gas engines operating on natural gas, propane, LNG, Landfill, Digester and other Biogas applications, as well as dual fuel systems.