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EC 40

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  • Completely galavanically insulated customer interfaces
  • Fully maintenace-free brushless disc motor
  • Planetary gear, self-locking


This new generation of actuators provides high performance combined with rapid response, irrespective of direction of rotation or shaft position. Functional ranges are provided for marine applications and industrial purposes.

StG EC 40 comes with a fully maintenance-free brushless disc motor who‘s typical high torque is multiplied by the use of a planetary gear. Due to the low moment of inertia of the motors disc and the sophisticated electronic control rapid response times can be achieved.

In case of power loss the self-locking gear is able to prevent undesired reactions of the linkage. Additionally manual override is possible. Optionally the actuator is available with a return spring to ensure setting to a zero if power supply fails. To enhance reliability the system is equipped with a redundant power supply.

The electronics are fully EMC protected and all customer interfaces are totally galvanically insulated from each other and from ground. The high protection grade IP66 guarantees optimal resistance to adverse environments. To improve
durability several protection functions are implemented, for example, actuator current limitation to prevent the actuator from overheating. Besides analogue setpoint inputs and position feedback communication all above is done via CAN
protocol which provides detailed error reports. Additionally major alarms and status are displayed directly by LEDs at the housing.

A contactless position feedback system fully inured to any pollution offers a precise electrical signal of shaft position to any control device.

The use of special materials and long duration lubricants minimizes maintenance and delivers an operating lifetime of ~25.000 h. The design allows any fitting position.




Rotation angle 90°
Torque max. 40 Nm
Steady state torque 20 Nm
No load response
140 ms (40°)
270 ms (90°)
Output shaft SAE-serration 5/8"-36