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DK 100 / StG 3

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  • For Engines Up to 750 HP
  • Replaces "F" Series Woodward
  • Any mounting position possible


Preferential application of this combination of a throttle valve with an actuator from HEINZMANN is gas engine control. Engine speed and power of the engines can be in uenced by controlling the gas mixture amount. In special applications it can additionally be used as gas valve for air-fuel-ratio control. Alternatively application as bypass valve for turbochargers is possible.

Usually it is used for stationary engines. Over and above its robust construction makes it t for mobile heavy duty applications as well.

A multipolar magnetised permanent magnet is facing a multipolar armature radial. That kind of design allows to generate powerful torque in both directions of working equally. Optionally a return spring can be mounted on the output shaft to ensure setting to a zero position in case of voltage loss.

The armature is optimised for lowest heat build-up. Additionally the design enhances heat transfer and allows a wide working temperature range.

Result of the direct acting gearless function is a very fast response time. A high precision contactless feedback system allows high-grade position control of the throttle.

Application of special materials and long-duration lubricants assure maintenance- free operation and long service life. Mounting of the actuator is possible in any tting position.

The robust and enduring model with IP6K9K degree of protection allows operation under roughest ambient conditions.

Standard are throttle valves with three different diameters.