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DK 100 / StG 2010

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  • Quick response time
  • Any mounting position possible
  • Anti-corrosive versions available


HEINZMANNs throttle valves with actuators are ideal components for engine control.

As a butter y throttle valve they control engine speed by gas dosing. Furthermore in special applications they can be used as a gas valve to control the air fuel ratio (AFR) and the mixture quality. Alternatively they are applicable as turbo bypass valves.

A multi-polar magnetised permanent magnet is mounted on the actuator shaft. Opposite of it a likewise multipolar armature is xed. The design allows to generate powerful torque in both directions of working equally.

A result of the direct acting gearless function are very fast response times. A contactless feedback system mounted on the actuator shaft offers a precise electrical signal of shaft position. If the actuator is blocked mechanically a current limitation is activated to prevent the actuator from overheating.

The use of special materials and long-duration lubricants assure maintenance- free operation and long service life.

For installation any mounting position is possible.

The size range of the valves from 100 to 200 and the sealed design covers a wide range of output power and operation pressure. The valves are suitable for turbo charged engines in the same way, allow optimal engine control and exceptional lifetime.

Versions with non-standard valve diameters are available on request. 68° is the standard rotation, both directions of working are possible.




Steady state torque 0.7 Nm
Max. torque max. 1.4 Nm
Rotation 68°
Response tIme
60 ms
Engine power range*)
approx. 70 - 250 kW
Boost temperature max. 4 bar abs.
Operating tempterature -20 ... 90°C

*) Power range for aspirated engines. For turbo charged engines 50 ... 150 % more, depending on boost pressure.
Variants on request