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DG 2080

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  • Enhanced emergency operation
  • Reduced wiring, easy installation
  • Low and efficient mainte-nance


HEINZMANN's new designed DG 2080.11 actuator with integrated speed governor can be used for a wide range of applications.

The system consists of the well-tried and tested actuator StG 2080 and the digital electronic speed/load control DC11. This combination results in excellent dynamic characteristics that makes it best for gas engine applications, for example.

The design provides a compact solution that is interchangeable with other proprietary units.The control unit acts as a speed governor with the speed measured by an inductive speed pick-up usually. Alternatively a Hall-type pick-up can be used or both of them combined. Several additional analogue, digital and PWM inputs allow to regard further engine signals like boost pressure or oil temperature for instance.

Configuring and parametrizing via PC program or a handheld programmer offers extensive options of adaption to the specific control demands and allows the use in a large range of different applications. The robust and durable construction offers low-maintenance. Moreover any mounting position is possible.

HEINZMANN's digital control systems are acknowledged for their high flexibility, which meets all customer needs and requirements. They are known for their long-life cycle and proven reliability.




Voltage Supply
24 V DC , 5 A
operating range
16 ... 33 VDC
Torque in steady state condition
4 Nm
Max. torque
(max. 20 seconds)
8 Nm
Rotation travel 68°
Rotation time
(0 % - 100 %)
< 100 ms
Housing material



approx. 8 kg